Clients Allergies

Knowing if you have any allergies, is important and this is determined at the first initial meeting with you. One way to reduce your chances of suffering is minimising your exposure to the allergens.

We strive to clean with a range of products and equipment that helps you to do just that. We may require specific equipment to address some concerns.

The Infection Control

This covers cleaning and sanitation within your home and workplace. We abide with our operational procedure when working in areas used for Source Isolation, ensuring they are free from garbage, debris and potential infectious material.

We operate a colour coding system for all cleaning equipment and material, which are disinfected after every use. Cross contamination/infection is prevented during all activities.

Health & Safety

The general well being of every person involved in our cleaning activities is of paramount importance; this includes our own personnel, you and your work visitors.

The standard practice includes provision of personal protective equipment for staff, conducting risk assessment on tasks and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH).

General Site inspection checklists will be customised to incorporate inspections of activities or hazards specific to a particular work environment.


We comply with environmental legislation and current industry standards. We are committed to improvement of all work related environmental issues, eliminating and adverse environmental damage.

We place the highest priority on providing an environmentally friendly, safe and healthy environment for present and future generations.

Environmental issues are considered in every task and each staff member has the responsibility to ensure their work is performed safely and efficiently.

Quality Assurance

Our cleaning services are committed to providing a quality service, aimed at meeting and exceed your requirements.

Our commercial cleaning services are backed by stringent quality control measures and are performed in accordance with the specifications detailed in each customer cleaning profile and associated regulations.

Our Quality Assurance policy was designed to ensure that the highest standards of performance are maintained at all times, and that Staff are dealt with in a professional manner.

We constantly strive to enhance, review & refine our quality systems with the intention of providing you with a service that matches and exceeds your expectations.

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